the latest technology of foldable electric bikes

experience an unique and liberating journey


iRide4me is revolutionizing local transportation with fashionable, trendy, and eco-friendly bikes. The iRide4me bikes encourage an active lifestyle, decrease traffic, and saves riders money on gas and parking. iRide4me are foldable, lightweight, and fun bikes to ride. The perks to riding an e-bike are NO license or insurance is needed! They were engineered to be sleek and different from all our competitors. We achieve this by exceeding the highest manufacturing, design and industry safety standards.


Stylish, portable, and fierce, the new iRide4Me’s e-bikes provides users with a unique riding experience. It was designed for people on the go; city locals traveling small distances, students maneuvering on campus or tourist exploring their destination. It’s 100% electric, rechargeable, bluetooth compatible, and alarm activated.

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