iRide4Me E-Bike Has Become College Students’ BFF

By: Fatima Zimichi

It is no mystery that e-bikes are revolutionizing the way we get around, but now colleagues are also adapting this new trend. Here is why  e-bikes for college campuses make total sense!

For commuters who drive to campus, driving from building to building or from class to class is nearly impossible, especially when looking for parking or when parking space is already assigned. Yet, walking is even worse! Getting from parking lot to class, class to cafeteria and then back to class or to the library requires lots of energy, especially in huge college campuses. What end up happening is, students end up running to class, sweaty and smelling like outside.

With an iRide4Me e-bike, college students can bring their completely foldable iRide4Me e-bike on their trunk and make trips across campus faster and easier.

For those who live in dorms or nearby college towns, same thing. Maneuvering their way through campus and even off campus becomes easier with an electric bike that last 30 miles fully charged.

Besides the convenient factors, many out-of-state and international students are careless, so having a cheaper alternative such as an e-Bike is ideal to go to the grocery store, nearby internship destinations or social gatherings it’s a no brainer.  

Believe it or not, lots of colleges and universities are contemplating incorporating e-bikes to improve students mobility on campus. The University of Washington, for example, has been planning to offer e-bikes to students.

A lot of colleges, including University of Miami, are encouraging students to use transportation that’s eco-friendly. With an e-bike, students will avoid using any fossil fuel and instead charge their iRide4Me e-bike’s battery in just a couple of hours. E-bikes will keep college campuses pollution-free!

Yet e-bikes are not just for students! Faculty members, security staff, volunteers, etc. can also use them to get to class, important meetings and other destinations on time.

As you can see, e-bikes are not just for city locals or tourist. They can improve campus life significantly, want them in your campus? Email us at

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